The Challenges Just Keep On Coming

May 2001

Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of England said, "Consensus is the absence of principle and an abundance of expediency." While she may be right in war time, by the examples below we might conclude that an absence of the consensus results in an abundance of lawsuits.

With a little 'common ground' work, and an appreciation for First Amendment principles, situations like these could be avoided. Especially in culture issues, it is important that all the stakeholders come together, appreciate the civic principles that help us deal with worldview conflicts and work out comprehensive policies that respect our differences.

The following articles are only to illustrate the kinds of conflict brewing across the U.S. Please keep in mind that some of these articles are posted by organizations that have an agenda and may not be an unbiased examination of the issue. Being prepared to answer these kinds of issues is important for school districts in our day.

(Warning: Since some of these links were on news sites, these links may no longer be active...)

  • Anti-gay harassment bill in California causes furor
  • Lawsuit to protect distribution of religious material on a public campus in Michigan
  • A challenge to the use of religious music in choral groups in Columbus, Ohio high schools
  • Pennsylvania school violates free speech rights with hate speech law
  • Courts say students can pray at graduation under certain guidelines:
  • Louisiana to take up creation vs. evolution again:

If we can help you sort through issues like these or cultivate the common ground in your district, please contact us for a free consultation.


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