There's a stop sign at the corner of Church and School, as well there should be.

It wasn't always there. People used to slow down at the intersection and keep an eye out for each other.

But as traffic increased, some notable accidents occurred on this very corner. Lots of people got hurt, and word has it that some cars were even torn right in two.

So awhile back they put up a stop sign at the corner, and the community hasn't quite been the same since.

Now some of the people who live on Church Street blame the people who live on School Street for the stop sign. They feel they are no longer welcome on School Street and have heard that there are people on School Street who think them unfit parents and want to undermine what they are teaching their children.

And some who live on School Street raise an eyebrow of suspicion at those who live on Church Street. They've heard stories of those who want to take over their street, remove the stop sign and make it another Church Street.

The strange thing is that the vast majority of people on School Street would never want to stand between parents and their children. And you can find precious few people on Church Street who want to take over School Street.

But they don't know that because their suspicions are so strong that when they do try to talk to each other it ends up in a shouting match where everyone walks away frustrated. No wonder there is so much tension in this community.

But there doesn't have to be...

It is just a stop sign after all, not a barricade.

It was meant to help protect the community, not destroy it.

There are people now meeting at the corner of Church and School and finding that there is enough common ground to work together instead of pulling apart.

Wouldn't you like to join us?

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