IN A WORLD WHERE ANGRY VOICES serve their agendas as the only just cause, where people demand their rights at the expense of others and where our institutions are satisfied with narrow-margin victories that are easily overturned when the winds of power shift, how can a community avoid angry polarization? Facing divisive issues as religion in schools and policies regarding sexuality, schools and communities end up in deep conflict or litigation, resulting in court-ordered “solutions” that satisfy no one.

It is time to look beyond the paralysis of politics as usual and cultivate a new Common Ground  allowing people to forge broad-based agreements that address differences and treat them fairly. This is Common Ground Thinking where people rise above self-interest, reassert the common good, and encourage diverse groups to work cooperatively without compromising their deepest convictions

At BridgeBuilders we specialize in helping polarized groups in education, business and society, communicate past their differences and design mutually beneficial solutions that not only resolve the conflict, but also rebuild the fabric of their community.

Download a PDF of our BridgeBuilders Fact Sheet, and our new informational brochure, Common Ground Thinking. These can be easily duplicated to share with others in your district.

New article: Student Religious Rights: Survival Tips for School Board members. This is a must read for anyone concerned about religious expression conflics and how to resolve them in ways that increase people's mutual respect for those with differing points of view. This artcle is written by NSBA staff attorney, Tom Hutton, and was published in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association Bulletin.

06/01/07 - Download a fabulous article on Student Religious Rights printed by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

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03/15/07 - Bridge-Builders releases a new informational brochure entitled, Resolving Cultural and Religious Tensions Through Common Ground Thinking.

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10/01/06 - Find out how school districts are using the current controversy over 'gay-rights' to build a safer school for all students and while rebuilding their mutual respect in our current Worldviews Watch.

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